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Phil Jones Bass PE-5 Pre Amp EQ DI Pedal

Phil Jones Bass

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The Phil Jones Bass PJB PE-5 is a pedal designed for bass guitar and upright bass which incorporates a sophisticated 5 band EQ and also offers superior function as a Pre-Amp, Direct Box, and signal booster.

The PE-5 is engineered with a unique switchable input impedance which allows the pedal to match exactly to either a magnetic or piezo pickup. It achieves the full band spectrum for either pickup source. In addition it is a signal booster which compensates for low output pickups and will also provide ample drive for any amplifier. The input level and gain controls are designed to precisely match the pickup output to an amplifier.The line output is strong enough to use directly into a power amplifier or a powered speaker.

The 5-band EQ is a high precision equalizer which means that each boost or cut level is identical to each adjacent band. Plus the Q factor of each band is identical. This makes it far easier for the player to accomplish the tone that they are pursuing. These frequency bands were carefully chosen for the voice of a bass so that the user will be able to adjust the EQ rapidly to get the desired sound.

The DI output is of the highest audio quality obtainable providing a match to even the finest recording studio mixing consoles and live sound systems. It has extremely high signal to noise ratio and features a ground lift switch to eliminate the possibility of “Mains Hum”.

The PE5 can be powered by a standard 9-volt DC pedal adaptor or run on its own internal lithium-ion battery that is charged with a standard cell phone charger via its USB socket.

The two foot switches provide a mute function and a true bypass. The rugged housing is constructed of die cast aluminum alloy made to deliver years of service.

1) 1/4” INPUT JACK – The input jack accepts an unbalanced signal from your bass via a standard 1/4” instrument cable.


3) DC IN – External power supply connection 9VDC / 1A

4) USB TYPE-C-For Inner Li-Battery Charge

5) LOW-BASS EQ CONTROL – This will adjust the fundamental tones of E and A strings on 4 string basses and B,E & A on 5 string basses.

6) HIGH BASS EQ CONTROL-This will adjust the fundamental tones of D and G-strings on 4 & 5 string basses.





11) 1/4” OUTPUT JACK – This output can be connected to power amp, powered cabinet and unbalanced input of other devices via a standard 1/4” instrument cable.

12) BALANCED LINE OUT XLR SOCKET –This is a low impedance (200Ω) balanced line out for use with recording or PA mixing consoles. This output is not controlled by the volume control.

Changing the level on your instrument will however, vary the DI output.

13) GROUND /LIFT BALANCED LINE OUT-This allows the grounding of balanced out socket to be disconnected. This is useful if you are experiencing hum caused by grounding loops/problems.

14) PRE/POST EQ BALANCED LINE OUT- The output can be either direct from the source or via the EQ circuit.

15) MUTE SWITCH- To cut the sound off from the instrument.

16) MUTE INDICATOR- To show that you have muted the instrument.

17) OUTPUT LEVEL CONTROL- Can adjust the volume or match the outpu t to an amplifier/mixer.

18) INPUT GAIN CONTROL- Allows the matching to weak or strong pickups.

19) ON SWITCH- turns the preamp on and off and bypasses the signal direct; the LED indicator is green when the EQ is on. The LED indicator is red when the EQ is bypassed.
20) EFFECT ON/POWER ON INDICATOR- Shows when the EQ is ON.

21) POWER SWITCH- Switches the EQ on or OFF. In off mode the EQ is bypassed.