About Us

Bass Workshop is a Melbourne based music retail & import business, owned and run by certified bass fanatics, that specialises 100% in Bass gear & Bass playing culture. From high end custom Bass guitars to Kiss action figures, if it’s Bass Culture we are most certainly into it, and if we don’t have it in stock (yet) we will most certainly track it down for you.

We also offer a while-u-wait repair/setup service & also specialise in bass guitar upgrades & modifications. Bookings essential.

Stop going to the Hardware store for Milk, buy your Bass guitar gear from a Bass guitar store.

Bass Workshop
A: 147 Poath road, Hughesdale VIC 3166
T: (03) 9563 0842
E: info@bassworkshop.com.au

Opening Hours
TUE - SAT 10am - 5pm