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Pedaltrain PT-CLP-TCW Classic Pro | Wheeled Tour Case


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The Pedaltrain Classic PRO with Wheeled Tour Case should be familiar to you.  Based on the original PT-PRO, the Classic PRO features Pedaltrain’s original five-rail “pro” design with traditional rail spacing. The Classic PRO continues Pedaltrain’s trend toward an open front design making power supply and switching system mounting flexible and convenient. Pedaltrain’s professional-grade tour case, or our newly redesigned tour case with wheels, engineered to be up to 35% lighter than previous models. 

  • Classic PRO Pedal Board
  • Professional-Grade Tour Case
  • 160″ of Professional Grade Hook-and-Loop
  • Assortment of zip ties
  • 32 in x 16 in x 3.5 in (81.2 cm x 40.6 cm x 8.9 cm)
  • 6 lbs (2.72 kg)
  • Featherweight, aircraft grade aluminum

Pedals in photo not included!