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Mozztronics | VB-1 Vibrato


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We here at Mozztronics love modulation, especially Vibrato, whether it be vocal pitch modulation (within reason, we all know singers who go way too far with this) or string bending on a guitar. Many tube amps have Tremolo and a rare few have a much more “wobbly” version called a Vibrato. We all know that real vibrato is a change in pitch, and this pedal pushes and pulls the audio signal to create variable pitch, just like in those fantastic amps from long ago. The old amp in question used a device called a varistor (a device whose resistance changes with the voltage across it) and these varistors are no longer available, so we worked out another way to do this.
The Mozztronics VB-1 Vibrato effects pedal creates a wonderfully wobbly vibrato effect

An opto based device is used to modulate the guitar signal. This opto device is controlled by a sinusoidal low frequency oscillator. At low depth settings the Vibrato effect can be quite subtle.
We also included a switch to swap between the traditional Tremolo to the uber cool Vibrato effect.

RATE controls the speed of the Vibrato / Tremolo effect from extremely slow to full on stuttering, DEPTH controls the amount of the effect, VOLUME adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal, and there is a switch to select between Tremolo mode and Vibrato mode. When the effect is on, the LED goes on and off with the modulation speed allowing a visual indication of the effects operation.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection.