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Mozztronics | DI-2 Valve Direct Box


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Nothing sexy about a DI box is there ?

This is a little different, intrigued, read on.

This is a Valve DI box with a few tricks up its sleeve. It runs from an 15VAC external power supply, as we have a valve heater to power and high voltage to generate after all and you cant power a valve heater from Phantom Power. We included the standard earth lift, as well as a 20dB pad. We have two front mounted 1/4″ guitar sockets (input and through), and one rear mounted output socket for versatility.

We use the industry standard pin 2 hot for the XLR connection.

But wait, there’s more.

We included a 3 band eq with switchable filters for BRIGHT and ULTRA LOW. We have a GAIN control for the valve, so you can run this clean and get the lovely valve goodliness added to your signal, or you can turn the gain up to get some creamy valve drive. We have an overall output volume control.

Some say this is a valve preamp masquerading as a DI, there is after all, more than enough output level to drive an external power amp.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard 2.1mm socket for the power supply connection. Power is from an external 15VAC 0.4A plugpack.