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Mozztronics | CO-2 Opto Bass Compressor Pedal


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Based on the old fashioned classic valve optical compressors from the 60’s. We use modern electronics while keeping the optical gain reduction element to keep the warmth of these old valve units.

The standard 5 controls are available, but we added a few of our own tweaks. A Dynamics control, to add in some of the uncompressed signal (an old studio trick) and a switch for full frequency or tailored frequency going to the circuitry controlling the compressor for the ultimate in versatility.

This is a very smooth and transparent compressor, and it work perfectly for bass as well as guitar.

Don’t be put off by all those controls, this is very easy to set.

Controls are GAIN (make up gain) DYN (adds some uncompressed signal back in for the parallel compression effect), RATIO, THR (threshold), ATT (attack, anticlockwise is fast attack) and REL (Release, anticlockwise is fast release).

There is also a RANGE switch, when tailors the frequencies going to the compressor sensing circuit. Try this in both positions to see which works best for you. DOWN is full range.

Start with all controls at Minimum, except for THReshold which is set at Maximum. Set the RANGE switch UP

While playing your instrument, adjust the THReshold until the COMP led illuminates while playing. Turn RATIO up for the desired compression ratio, start at 9:00. Turn GAIN up so there is no volume loss between effect on & bypass. Set ATTack and RELease according to taste, if in doubt set these to 10:00

Try both positions of the range switch to see which works best for you.

It is worth tweaking the THReshold and RATIO to optimise the settings. Once you are happy, turn the DYNamics clockwise and adjust the GAIN so there is no volume loss between effect on & bypass.