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Mozztronics | MOM-1 Mute-o-Matic


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Want to MUTE your microphone when it is not is use and don’t want to rely on the sound engineer hitting the MUTE button on the mixing desk?
The Mozztronics MOM-1 Mute-O-Matic is the answer

The Mozztronics MOM-1 Mute-O-Matic is usually powered from 48VDC phantom power, if phantom power is not available, or is required to be turned off, an external 9VDC power supply should be used.

Simply connect you microphone to the INPUT XLR socket, connect the OUTPUT XLR socket to the mixing desk, and turn Phantom Power on for that channel. We also included a 20dB and 40dB pad. With the switch UP we engage the 20dB pad, with the switch down we engage the 40dB pad, with the switch in the center the pad is disabled.

When MUTE mode is active, the RED “mute” led will be on and no signal will be passed to the output and the mixing desk, when in normal mode, the GREEN “on” led will be on and signal is passed to the output and the mixing desk.

Phantom power is passed from output to input even when the pad is active and the unit is in MUTE mode.

Note that the MOM-1 Mute-O-Matic will work even without any external power supply. The MUTE and PAD are still active, but the two status LED’s will not illuminate.

Mozztronics recommend the use of a regulated supply, with a voltage of 9VDC. We use the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection. 9V DC power is not required if using Phantom Power to power the MOM1 Mute-o-Matic