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Mozztronics | FP-2 Filter Preamp


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I was asked recently by my captive studio sound engineer to make him this pedal, as sometimes all you need for EQ is a low pass filter, and a high pass filter. This is the baby brother of my FP-1 Filter Preamp pedal. It is the same as the FP-1 but without the parametric mids control. The Mozztronics FP-2 Filter Preamp effects pedal is what we came up with.

GAIN is the overall gain, we allowed for gain reduction, and also gain boost.

HPF is a high pass filter, variable from 18Hz to 400Hz. Start with this fully anticlockwise and turn it up until you reduce the problem frequencies. LPF is a low pass filter, variable from 1kHz to 18kHz. Start with this fully clockwise and turn it down until you reduce the problem frequencies.