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Mozztronics | FP-1 Filter Preamp


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I was asked recently by my captive studio sound engineer to make him this pedal, as sometimes all you need for EQ is a low pass filter, a high pass filter and a parametric MID control. The Mozztronics FP-1 Filter Preamp effects pedal is what we came up with.

GAIN is the overall gain, we allowed for gain reduction, especially if you are boosting MIDS, and gain boost if you are cutting a problematic MID frequency.

HPF is a high pass filter, variable from 18Hz to 400Hz. Start with this fully anticlockwise and turn it up until you reduce the problem frequencies. LPF is a low pass filter, variable from 1kHz to 18kHz. Start with this fully clockwise and turn it down until you reduce the problem frequencies.

We included a fully parametric MID control for your aural pleasure. MID is a cut / boost eq control (flat is centre), FREQ adjusts the mid frequency from 150Hz to 4kHz, and Q is the width of the filter ranging from a Q of 0.5 to a Q of 5. In general if you are boosting mids, set Q low, and if you are cutting mids, set Q high so the mids then act like a notch filter. The golden rule is BOOST wide, CUT narrow.