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Mozztronics | DI-4 Isolated 4 Channel Direct Box


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This is a professional quality 4 channel direct box using high quality full frequency range CINEMAG isolation transformers driven by a high slew rate line driver for the optimum in audio quality. No treble sucking from inferior transformers here, the Cinemag transformers are the ducks nuts, and while not cheap, give 30Hz to 20kHz frequency range.

Each DI Channel has the normal features you would expect to see, a 20dB pad, a phase invert switch, a front panel unbalanced TS input, a front panel balanced isolated TRS output (this can also be used as an unbalanced TS output – just plug in a mono TS jack), a rear mounted buffered unbalanced output, and a rear panel balanced isolated XLR output.
Note – The rear XLR out is automatically disabled if a TS or TRS jack is plugged into the front output.

We at Mozztronics like the products we make to have multiple uses, so we added the ability to use the DI-4 as a splitter box. Channel 1 is the main input. We added an input impedance control (so you can dial the input Z down to match your guitar), and rear mounted THRU socket to connect to amp number 1 when the DI-4 is used as a splitter.

When using the DI4 as a splitter, we added a LINK TO CHANNEL 1 switch on channels 2, 3 & 4. If this is pressed in the OUTPUT of the selected channel is an isolated duplicate of the Channel 1 signal. Channels with the switch set to DIRECT continue to function as a DI.

Why would you use a splitter box I hear you ask. If you have ever had one guitar feeding into two or more amplifiers, you may have noticed a buzz from the speakers. Some amplifiers do not like having their input jumpered to another amplifier in this way and the buzz you hear is from a ground loop. Simply use the DI-4 in splitter mode to alleviate this problem. Connect the first amp to the buffered Channel 1 output, Connect the isolated output from Channel 2 to the second amp and press in the link switch for channel 2, etc. This is a 4 channel DI so up to four amps can be connected in this way without amp buzzing.
Channels not used in splitter mode, can still be used as an isolated DI.

Bob Spencer said “i love mine, this is an indispensable piece of kit in my studio, I can’t speak highly enough about it, and paired with the RA1 reamp its a fabulous combination”

Damien Young said “fantastic piece of kit, the impedance knob is fantastic, DI in and run buffered out to fx etc” and “this is again an amazing device. The variable input impedance is wayyyyy cooler and useful than you would ever expect and the link function is really good, same input into 2 or more signal paths at the same time with no negative effect. I didn’t realise i NEEDED this until i had it”


We use the industry standard pin 2 hot for the XLR connection.