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Mozztronics | DI-3 Passive Direct Box


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Many people have asked me, Mozz, can you make a Motown Passive DI (Wolfbox). I said no, as the “magic” in those DI’s is the triad magnetics transformer. Triad is no longer made in the USA and the people who own Triad now will only make product for large orders, and it is also doubtful if they will be made in the same way, with the same materials as those old USA made transformers were. Even the guy who made the original Motown DI’s wont make more as he cant get the original transformers.

So i am NOT making a Motown DI. Instead, as an addition to my DI range, i made a passive DI with a few tricks up its sleeve. The first two units will have a transformer from the UK, but subsequent units will use a very high quality CINEMAG transformer from the USA. These Cinemag transformers are amazing, and while not cheap, will give full range output to -3dB at 20kHz.
Finally a passive DI that doesn’t suck treble.

We included the standard earth lift, as well as a variable 20dB to 40dB pad and a phase reverse switch. We have two front mounted 1/4″ guitar sockets (input and through), and one rear mounted output socket for versatility.

Damien Young said of the DI-3 “Passive DI that actually SOUNDS good. Its in my kit as a get out of jail free card. When something goes wrong, no phantom power etc, this will get you there. Its the best sounding PASSIVE DI EVER. I’ve been flying ALL my DI’s around (including the valve one) and the baggage handlers have not killed one yet. They have killed 2 of the cases that the DI’s were in. Great products that SOUND good and are built to last”.
Wow, thanks Damien.

We use the industry standard pin 2 hot for the XLR connection.