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Mozztronics | DI-1 Direct Box


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Nothing sexy about a DI box is there ?

This is a little different,    intrigued,   read on.

This is a DI box with a few tricks up its sleeve. It can run from a 9V to 18V external power supply (no room for a battery inside), and it will also run with full functionality and headroom from 48V phantom power. We included the standard earth lift, as well as 20dB and 40dB pads. We have two front mounted 1/4″ guitar sockets, and one rear mounted socket for versatility. These three guitar sockets are all wired in parallel.

We use the industry standard pin 2 hot for the XLR connection.

But wait, there’s more. We included our cabsim circuit. Why would you do that you ask ?

Imagine a few scenarios…
1. You’re at a gig and the backline amp is rubbish, or your amp dies at a gig. Just plug the pedalboard output into the DI-1, connect a microphone lead, turn phantom power on at the mixing desk, adjust the cabsim gain to get the amp sound you like, and play the rest of the gig.
2. You’re in a studio, its late, you dont have time to set up an amp but you need a quick guitar track. Plug the guitar pedalboard output into the DI-1, adjust the cabsim gain to get the sound you want and you’re good to go.
3. You’re in your home studio, you cant have a loud screaming guitar because you will wake the neighbours. Plug the guitar pedalboard output into the DI-1, adjust the cabsim gain to get the sound you want and you’re good to go.
4. You’re in a studio, you want to play the guitar in the control room, but have the amp in the live room. You don’t have a lead long enough to go between the two rooms. Plug the Plug the guitar pedalboard output into the DI-1, turn cabsim off, use the mic leads already running between the control room and the live room to connect the DI-1 to the RA-1 remap box, plug the RA1 reamp output into the amplifier, a few adjustments on the remap box and you’re recording.

The cabsim has low end response as per an 8×10 bass fridge speaker, and is suitable for both guitar & bass.

Damien Young said of the DI-1 “this was an early problem solver that gets used way more than i expected. Cab Sim off and its JUST a REALLY good active DI. CAB SIM ON – if your amp blows up at a show and you play guitar with pedals, you can EASILY get the show done, it sounds really good. Recording or practicing DIRECT (with or without pedals) DI guitar usually sucks. With this you don’t suck, it actually sounds good and its fun to play. I’ve used this more than i thought i would when the guitar AMP sound isn’t working, i used the DI with cab sim on, added some grit and the guitarist did not notice i wasn’t using his amp. It just worked. I’ve been flying ALL my DI’s around (including the valve one) and the baggage handlers have not killed one yet. They have killed 2 of the cases that the DI’s were in. Great products that SOUND good and are built to last”.
Wow, thanks Damien.


Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative socket for the power supply connection.