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Mozztronics | DD-1 Damo Drive


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The DD-1 Damo Drive is a low gain pedal, and is my version of a “sexy” pedal that is loved by country (and Rock) guitarists. It takes the ice pick out of a single coil guitar into a twin amp, which is why the country guitarists love it so much.

My captive Studio Engineer used to run a music shop (years ago in a former life) where he sold bucketloads of this “sexy” pedal, but he forgot to keep one for himself. So he has been asking me for a year or more to make him one.
So in the end i relented and made him one of these pedals. I added several extra features, true bypass, jfet input buffer, a 5 way switch to select clipping options which allowed me to add 2 clipping options not available on the original pedal, a little extra gain, and a different chip which on its own clips in a much nicer way that the chip in the original pedal.

The pedal in question is a basic low gain TS architecture but with a funky tone control and a toggle switch to change the clipping mode, and turn off clipping altogether in one of the modes.

Can you just turn the gain down on a higher gain pedal I hear you ask ?
Well, yes, and no.

The secret in this pedal is in the tone control and the mode switch. We don’t have a “mid hump” like that other pedal has, and the tone control is perfect for taking the “brittle edge” out of single coil pickups into bright amps. So just turning the gain down on other pedals wont sound like this one, and we also have the 5 different operating modes allowing you a broad range of different drive sounds.
This is a full range pedal and there is a slight bass boost also, making this pedal very usable for bass players.

So here it is, my Damo Drive. The 5 clipping options are
1. Hard
2. Asymmetrical Medium
3. Heavily Asymmetrical Soft
4. Mozz special hard
5. No clipping

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection.