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Mozztronics | BP-6 Bass Preamp Pedal


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Due to the success of the AP-1 Acoustic Guitar Preamp & DI, we set out to make a version with eq tailored for bass. This unit is 100% analogue in the signal path. No digital simulations here.

There are two main uses for the Mozztronics Bass Preamp BP-6. The first is on a pedal board to add in a preset eq, or leave it on all the time to add extra tone capacity to your existing amplifier. The second is for home recording so you can get a great bass sound without micing up an amp.

Controls are exactly what you will expect to find. The main preamp controls are VOLume, BASS 30Hz, LO MID 220Hz, HI MID 1kHz, and TREBLE 4kHz. We also added a 20Hz High Pass Filter (HPF) to take the rumble out of your signal.

There is a built in DI with an earth LIFT switch. The DI signal comes from the ¼” output of the pedal and both are controlled by the footswitch. There is an internal switch inside the pedal that controls what happens when the footswitch is pressed, you can set the pedal for BYPASS or MUTE when the red EFFECT ON led is off. For acoustic instruments it is very handy to be able to mute the pedal output while tuning with a clip on piezo tuner.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection. There is more than enough headroom with a 9VDC supply so there is no need for a separate 12VDC or 18VDC supply.