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Mozztronics | BP-2 Bass Preamp Pedal


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This pedal takes its inspiration from the “classic” bass amps of the last century and has the “vintage” tone these amps are known for. This unit is 100% analogue in the signal path. No digital simulations here. We have included the 5 position midrange switch to perfectly dial in your midrange tone, and we use a specially designed multi-tapped inductor, just like the “classic” amps use.

GAIN adjusts the input volume of the preamp, BASS is a shelving equalisation control, MID is a midrange equalisation control, MID is a 5 position midrange frequency switch, TREble is a shelving equalisation control, VOL is the master volume control. There are two switches, ULTRA LO to select the classic eq contours and earth LIFT for the built in DI

Start with VOL at maximum, GAIN at 9:00 and all other controls at 12:00, ULTRA LO and LIFT switches up. Set the desired eq using the eq controls and the ULTRA LO switch. Adjust GAIN / VOL for unity overall gain