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Mozztronics | AP-2 Acoustic Pre


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This is my dual input Acoustic Preamp & DI, the AP-2.

I made the first unit for Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything) so he could keep his pedal board size to a minimum, use one channel on the mixing desk, plug both his acoustic guitar and mandolin into one box, and be able to separately adjust the volume of each instrument.

But i have a preamp already built into my acoustic guitar you say…
Yes but do you have a DI, do you have a Low Pass Filter to reduce the volume when you hit the soundboard, do you have 4 band eq tailored precisely for an acoustic guitar, do you have all of this in one convenient pedal ?

This pedal is made for Acoustic Instruments fitted with a piezo pickup. This unit is 100% analogue in the signal path. No digital simulations here.
The right hand CHANNEL footswitch allows you to toggle between the two inputs, each having its own volume control, and an LED to show which channel is active.
We included a 4 band EQ to perfectly dial in the sound of your acoustic guitar.
BASS 50Hz. LO MID 350Hz, HI MID 4kHz, TREBLE 15kHz
The HPF switch is a HIGH PASS FILTER at 100Hz to reduce the sound of hitting the soundboard while playing.
There is a built in DI with an earth LIFT switch.

The left hand footswitch controls the MUTE function (to mute the XLR balanced out when you’re not playing). The MUTE led lights when the output is muted. We included an internal switch which allows you to set the MUTE mode for the 1/4″ output. When this is set to MUTE, the 1/4″ output is muted with the XLR output, when set to NORMAL, the 1/4″ out is always active. The 1/4″ out could be connected to a tuner, so you can mute the xlr out, tune your instrument, and then unmute the output.

Start with all EQ controls centred and set the channel VOLume for the desired output level. Adjust EQ to taste, and switch in the HPF to reduce the sound from hitting the guitar soundboard if required. Treble is set intentionally high, so as to precisely be able to adjust the ultra high “sizzle” in an acoustic guitar.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection.