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Mooer Baby Tuner-Tuner Pedal


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The Mooer MEP-BT Baby Tuner is a high precision chromatic tuner in a micro size pedal. It is accurate to +/- 1 point and shows the note being tuned and indicates in tune.
Works with most Electric or Electro-acoustic instruments including seven string guitar and five string bass.
Display uses 108 high brightness LED's and is visible even in strong light/sun.
Very small and compact design
True bypass switch
The pedal switching is true Bypass, so the sonic integrity of your instrument is never lost.
Rugged full metal casing and quality switching in a small and exquisite design.?
Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5mm X 42mm X 52 mm

Requires 9 Volt Centre Negative Power Supply for operation (available separately).
Suggested model Crossfire CAP-1