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Laney RB3 Richter 65W Bass Amplifier | Black


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The RB3 is a 65 Watts RMS kickback design bass combo, loaded with a custom 12" driver & horn. Suitable for practice, recording, rehearsal or small gigs. The clean ergonomic preamp is packed with everything you need to get a great bass sound: High or Normal input choices can be selected to match the type of bass used, on-board compressor adds punch and tone can be further tweaked via a powerful 3 band EQ with a parametric mid. Including an FX-loop, AUX in, Headphone socket and XLR DI, the RB3 houses all the connection options needed for practice, recording, rehearsal or gigs.

The amplifier can be used in two orientations depending on the requirements. Rather than being used in the conventional upright mode, If the amplifier is to be used up close to the player, then the amplifier can be used in a “kicked back” orientation, meaning that the amps output is directed more towards a player’s ears.

  • Mp3/Aux in
  • XLR D.I. out - balanced
  • 65 Watts RMS
  • 1 x 12” custom driver + HF Horn
  • Single Channel
  • On-board Compressor
  • FX Loop
  • 3 Band EQ with Parametric mid