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The JUSTIN CHANCELLOR CRY BABY® WAH pedal is a collaboration between Dunlop and the renowned bassist of Tool fame, Justin Chancellor. Born from a desire to craft a wah pedal tailored specifically for the needs of bass players, this pedal combines the iconic Cry Baby sound with Justin's unique artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail.

Designed to deliver unparalleled versatility and expression, the JUSTIN CHANCELLOR CRY BABY® WAH pedal offers a wide range of tones that can elevate your bass playing to new heights. Whether you're looking to add subtle texture to your sound or unleash bold, expressive sweeps, this pedal delivers the goods with precision and finesse.

The pedal's rugged construction ensures reliability and durability, making it a trusted companion for the rigors of the road or the demands of the studio. With its intuitive controls and responsive feel, the JUSTIN CHANCELLOR CRY BABY® WAH pedal empowers bass players to explore their creativity and unlock new sonic possibilities with ease.

From funky grooves to thunderous solos, this pedal is capable of delivering the dynamic range and articulation needed to stand out in any musical context. Whether you're a fan of Justin Chancellor's signature style or simply seeking a wah pedal that can keep up with your bass playing, the JUSTIN CHANCELLOR CRY BABY® WAH pedal is sure to impress with its exceptional tone and performance.