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Gravity Picks GP75SF .75mm Gold Series | Sea Foam

Gravity Guitar Picks

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More volume and less pick noise.
The Gold Series is a premium material offered by Gravity Picks. The material is a high grade thermoplastic which is amazingly wear-resistant. There is a sizable difference in volume when compared with a normal pick, enabling you to cut through the mix.

-Shaped And Polished By Professionals To Bring You A Quality Product That Cannot Be Matched At This Price Point.
-Acrylic grips very well as has the ability to glide across the strings with very little resistance.
-Instant Tone Improvement.
-Play Faster And Louder With Our Unique Material And Bevel Design.
-Proprietary Beveling System To Give The Most Consistent Bevels Possible. You Will Receive A Consistent Product Each And Every Time You Order.
-Lasts Much Longer Than A Regular Pick.

The bevels on each pick are shaped on a grinding wheel which creates rough bevels. Those bevels are then polished or left unpolished (which we call ‘Master Finish’).
The Polished version glides across the strings with very little effort.
The Master Finish (unpolished) version is a bit brighter and creates a different release off the string. It allows you to ‘dig in’ a bit more. It is just a personal preference.

The minimum thickness for the grip holes is 2mm. We cannot offer the grip holes in the 1.5mm thickness because they can break easily. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please try the 2mm. Most players are able to adjust up to the 2mm.