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Gravity Picks 12-Pick Variety Pack

Gravity Guitar Picks

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Our thoughtfully crafted picks provide instant tone improvement and dynamic range.
New to Gravity Picks? Our Variety Packs are perfect for a first time customer to sample our collections or as a gift to a guitar player in your life
  • Acrylic Series – Brighter sounding vs. normal pick material (i.e. celluloid, nylon, or Delrin). Grip is much more apparent with acrylic vs. the alternative materials and it can glide across the strings with very little resistance. Acrylic’s durability is 5-10x longer than the other materials.
  • PEEK – Gold Series – Sound is less bright (slightly darker) than acrylic. Tone is more focused and louder compared to regular picks. Pick noise (the sound of the pick coming into contact with a vibrating string makes a noise). This material has very low pick noise. The Gold Series lasts 5-10x longer than the Acrylic Series.
  • Gravity Picks are all hand-shaped and polished by professionals to bring you a quality product that cannot be matched at this price point.
  • Play faster and louder with our unique material and bevel design.
  • We use a proprietary beveling system to give the most consistent bevels possible. Enjoy dependable quality each and every time you order.