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DiMarzio Relentless Middle Bass Pickup DP296B Black Finish


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Billy Sheehan photo by Larry DiMarzio

The Relentless™ bass pickups begin with our newly sculpted metal covers that add form and function.

Although Billy Sheehan has always loved the sound of DiMarzio bass pickups, his playing style inspired him to modify the exteriors. Billy used to build them up with epoxy to round off the sharp edges.

Designed with Billy, we removed all the right angled edges from a standard P Bass pair, curved the tops to match the fingerboard/string radius, and changed the mounting to a robust 1/8” circuit board that eliminates protruding mounting screws.

Relentless™ pickups produce 50 percent more output than traditional passive pickups, and they’re drop dead quiet — with virtually no electromagnetic interference. We’ve expanded the midrange punch, adding snappy highs and precise lows.

These pickups have a broad magnetic field so you can even bend notes without volume drop out.

Relentless™ pickups will breathe new life into any bass, increase playability, and work well for any style of music from Motown to Metal.

Oh yeah, and they love distortion.

Billy Sheehan Interview

Relentless™ Middle P-Bass Wiring Diagram

Relentless™ Billy Sheehan Stereo Wiring Diagram


The new compound radius cover matches the fingerboard arch so the pickups can be aligned closer to the strings, improving string sensing and dynamics. The Relentless™ Middle is also closer to the strings, as the metal cover is much thinner than a molded cover. The metal cover acts as a shield, making the pickup so quiet that you may find yourself checking the controls to see if it's on.


500K Volume Pot, 250K Tone Pot, .033 uF Capacitor


Quick Connect
4 Conductor
11.84 Kohm
Year of Introduction