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Gekko Sound C.BASS Auto Compressor

Gekko Sound

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C.BASS is a totally transparent, natural, and smooth Wideband Auto Compressor with full dynamic range. It brings out a tight and punchy attack with balanced sustain, and does not compromise the natural low-end response and presence of your bass guitar.

C.Bass is a wideband bass guitar compressor that delivers a levelled sound across all the strings. Whether you pluck the strings with your fingers or a plectrum, or use a technique such as slap bass, your playing will benefit as each note is produced at a consistent level.

Main Features

  • All analog design taking some of the best vintage compressors as reference.

  • True Bypass and only one knob for output level - compressors with too many knobs are complex and it can be tricky to get the sound you want.

  • Built with quality components

  • Runs on a regulated 9V DC power adapter with fx pedal standard centre-negative plug (less than 100mA). For ecological reasons it does not use batteries.

For more information please feel free to contact us during business hours on (03)95630842 or via email

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