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Eden Professional Filter Pedal


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Edens professional filter pedal the Californiwah.
It provides the player both expression and excitement in its performance.
With its 2 different voice settings and flexible filter frequency levels, you can tailor the effect for exactly what you need.

* Adjustable low point to adjust where the filter begins in your sound.

* Sensitivity control to adjust to both your instrument and playing styles.

* Resonance control to adjust the detail of the filter.

*Level control to balance the e?ect volume in the mix.

*Voice switch, allows acess to 2 di?erent voicing settings.

*Heavy Duty Steel casing, chrome input and output sockets and Heavy duty foot switch.

*Runs on Eden 15V pedal power supply (included with each pedal)


Californiwah Pedal , Power supply and manual.

For more information please feel free to contact us during business hours on (03)95630842 or via email

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