Ashdown ABM 414T 4x10 Cabinet (s/hand)

Ashdown ABM 414T 4x10 Cabinet (s/hand)

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The 414T adds bright midrange and punchy bottom end to any rig.

The ABM 410T is a 600W, 4-ohm bass cabinet with 4 - 10" Ashdown BlueLine drivers and a tweeter.

The precision-tuned, birch plywood cabinet is protected by a tough, buffalo leather cloth covering and chromed metal corners. Special Ashdown-designed metal handles are used in favor of inferior flip handles, which can rattle after years of use.

Ashdown BlueLine speakers are designed to achieve a superb balance of power; transparency; and deep, controlled low end without sacrificing any of the mid-band attack and high-end brightness that are so important in a modern bass sound.

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